Frank SanPietro worked as a professional in the financial services sector for more than a decade. During that time, SanPietro also became a Certified Financial Planner™ Certificant, and completed stints teaching Finance at both the University of Memphis (2011-2015) and Christian Brothers University (2009-2015).

Frank SanPietro: The Importance of Financial Literacy

Frank SanPietro

As someone with considerable academic and industry experience, Frank SanPietro appreciates and understands the importance of financial literacy; the refinement of those skills so integral to the protection and management of one’s wealth, and financial future.

So, what exactly is financial literacy?

In short, being financially literate means knowing not only how money itself works, but also how to make the best choices with regards to your own. Key elements of financial literacy include knowing how to budget, how to manage your debt, how to save money, how to save money for retirement, and so on.

Frank SanPietro: The Importance of Financial Literacy

Financial illiteracy, on the other hand, includes the inability to make informed choices with your money, which can often have dire consequences for your budget, your lifestyle and your short- and long-term goals. While overcoming financial illiteracy may seem time consuming or challenging, the refusal to take the steps necessary to do so can mean bad decisions and considerable financial trouble far down the road.