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In Recognition of a Statesman and a Saint

Very pleased to see that the documentary which chronicled the role that St. John Paul the Great played in the downfall of communism was recognized and won 2 Emmy awards.
A Brilliant Thinker and Writer
As Cardinal Karol Wojtyla and as Pope John Paul II, John Paul the Great was recognized as an intellectual who made great contributions to the study of Philosophy.    He also created literary works and plays.

A True Humanitarian
From his youth,  St. John Paul the Great had a deep love and compassion for all people.  As a young seminarian and Priest, he helped rescue jewish children from the Nazi’s.  For his bravery and compassion, he received the award, “Righteous Among the Nations”  posthumously.

Citizen of the World
While he was Pope, St. John Paul the Great made trips to 129 countries.  He also met with world leaders, including the first visit to the United States White House by a Pope, when he met with then President Jimmy Carter in 1979.   He also met with the Queen of England and the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Displaying a genuine warmth and compassion for all, Pope John Paul attracted some of the largest recorded crowds in human history.

A Voice for Unity
As Pope, John Paul II called for a coming together of Christians, Jews and Muslims in what he called a “great religious armada”.  In 2001, he visited a mosque in Syria, which is supposed to be the site of the remains of John the Baptist.

Upon returning to his native Poland, in 1979,  millions of Poles saw in the new Pope, a fellow Pole who was free to fully embrace his Catholic faith.  Instead of criticizing the ruling regime, the Pope exhorted his fellow Poles to be good to one another, have no fear and trust in God.  This exercise in gentle power – much like other great spiritual leaders before him, struck a fatal blow to Communist rule.  As historian John Lewis Gaddis is quoted –
When Pope John Paul II kissed the ground at the    Warsaw airport he began the process by which Communism in Poland—and ultimately elsewhere in Europe—would come to an end.

Again, it’s gratifying to see that the many contributions of this great man and Saint are presented in this documentary and ultimately, that it has been honored with two Emmy awards.

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