Frank SanPietro

Frank SanPietro is a Certified Financial Planner™

Why Choose Finance

Frank SanPietro first made his way into the financial sector over two decades ago. Since beginning his career in the financial industry, and becoming a Certified Financial Planner™ Certificant , Frank SanPietro has enjoyed not only the opportunity to manage accounts of various sizes, but to provide services and solutions to numerous  organizations, families and individuals.

Frank SanPietro: Why Choose Finance?

Now a Doctoral Candidate in Finance at the Fogelman College of Business and Economics, University of Memphis, Frank SanPietro is actively pursuing his PhD, to enhance his knowledge of the field and take his career to a new level.

There are numerous benefits of a career in finance, including:

A Variety of Options

Finance is a broad, multi-faceted field; one with coverage in all types of businesses, industries and sectors. The demand for financial professionals exists virtually everywhere.  In this case, everywhere means throughout the world. Finance is a global discipline.

Salary Potential

The potential to earn attractive compensation in finance is high, even for those professionals just getting their foot in the door.

Industry Growth

The number of finance-related jobs is predicted to grow steadily over the next decade, providing those fresh out of college a number  of options from which to choose.

Frank SanPietro has enjoyed a lengthy and rewarding career in finance.

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